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Paper, 44 pp. $6.95.
   This little gem explains a little-known, but powerful principle that can be applied in practical ways to restore lost freedoms in our American Republic. The principle is called "governmental interposition," in which intermediate magistrates can come to the rescue of citizens who are being tyrannized by out-of-control government rulers and bureaucrats. It discusses the biblical influence on American Government, the biblical flow of power, how the principle was used in the Bible and in American History, and, finally, how the principle can be applied today.

Editorial Review:


   In "Reclaiming the American Dream by Reconstructing the American Republic," author Tom Rose takes us on a historical journey, following the development and decline of liberty from the inception of the United States through the Civil War.  Emphasizing the importance of a decentralized republic, in this 44-page booklet Mr. Rose presents a clear case for working with intermediate magistrates - those government officials at levels between the federal government and the populace, such as governors - to restore America's waning liberty and self-responsibility.
Mary Pride, Publisher, Practical Homeschooling, Fenton, MO

   When studying government and the Constitution, it is easy to conclude that the U.S. Government has run seriously afoul of Constitutional restrictions and boundaries. Many people question how to repair "this breach in the walls."  One of the most interesting answers is a biblically-based solution called interposition. In this 44-page booklet, Tom Rose explains interposition as "lawful representatives interposing themselves between the people and a higher level of government which they consider to be in error. . . .
   He goes on to explain the biblical and historical roots and applications of this strategy as well as how the concept is being resurrected as a modern-day solution. This is thought-provoking reading and makes great discussion material.
Cathy Duffy, Publisher, Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual, Westminster, CA

   This insightful book is much needed in our day. Mr. Rose explains the importance of self government and politically, local government. He shows how local governments are to control and prohibit a strong central government.  He provides biblical and historical evidence to support his thesis. The author closes with some current examples of how citizens are becoming aware of the importance and power of local government.
   This thinking is contrary to the modern approach to government. Current thinking along with an insightful presentation in a readable style makes this book attractive to readers who desire a positive approach to answer the growth of central government.
Rev. Byron Snapp, Pastor, Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hampton, VA

   . . . provides a good short overview of the lesser magistrates doctrine. The author begins with a brief overview of Biblical principles of government and then examines the theological roots of American government and the practice of governmental interposition in American history.   He looks at the Declaration of Independence. . . . The book continues with several examples occurring within the first half of the 1800s. . . .  The author continues with examples from the "war between the states" . . .
   . . . The principles of governmental interposition is clearly grounded in Scripture, historical theology, and historical practice. We would do well to understand, teach, and apply this doctrine.
Ken Ewert, Publisher, U-Turn, Langley, BD, Canada

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