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ECONOMICS: PRINCIPLES AND POLICY from a Christian Perspective, 2d ed.  Clothbound, 380 pp. $24.95.
   Principles introduces the student to man and his environment and basic concepts in the world of economics-presenting microeconomic topics beginning with the individual consumer/producer, then to the firm, next to individual markets and finally to the economy as a whole.  The Bible is used as a benchmark. Principles is used at the senior high school level and as a one-semester course at the college level, and by anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of economics.
Instruction manual available.

Introduction: What is Economics?
The Nature of Man and Other    Assumptions.
The Bible and Economics.
Economics and Political Science.

Basic Economics: Review and Progress.
More Basic Concepts.
The Distribution of Income.
The Market System.

Demand, Supply and Prices.
Business Organization.
Theory of the Business Firm.
Market Structures and Business Firms.

Editorial Review:



   Based entirely on the truth of God as revealed in the Bible, this well illustrated book combines thorough scholarship and easy-to-understand substance which should gladden the heart of any Christian professor or college student.
   Next to Theology itself, economics is probably the most pervasive and important of all the academic disciplines. It should be high on the priority list of every Christian educational institution. The nation has waited a long time for a top-notch Christian textbook on economics, and now it exists.
Responsible Citizens Newsletter, Fullerton, CA

   This book is written primarily for Christians - so states the author in his first sentence - and indeed it is.
While economics is a science and thus subject to scientific processes in its study, the implementation of the analysis so determined is subject to value judgments.  Economics is a social science, thus it deals with people. And how the Christian deals with those people in matters of economics is the heart of this book.
   Tom Rose is supportive of the free enterprise system and the free market. He is also a committed and informed evangelical Christian.  This book seeks to present the Biblical rationale for his commitment to that economic system.
Manfred Holck, Jr.

   . . . the need for a theistic view of economics has been filled.
The Bible clearly and fully sets our principles for an economic system and for the individuals and institutions within it.  The author unabashedly comes back to it to find and test conclusions. He covers what you would expect to find in any good textbook; but in contrast to the typical economics textbook, this one continually emphasizes the need for right values and sound principles. The first four chapters should be required reading for every high school senior and college freshman in Christian institutions.
   Dr. Rose's background as a university professor eminently qualifies him for his task, and he writes in clear and interesting style. The book is superior because of the author's skills in the subject and because the work comes out of the truths contained in God's Word.
Robert M. Metcalf, former chairman of Christian Studies Center, Memphis, TN

Reader's Comments:



   . . . thank you for your help with information on your available publications . . .   We are using "Economics: Principles and Policy" now, . . . ; we appreciate it very much! 
V.R., Carlisle, IA (Home Educator)

   I want to congratulate you, most sincerely, on the publications of a very outstanding book, "Economics: Principles and Policy from a Christian Perspective" by Tom Rose.
It is a remarkably sound and appealing text - clear in its Christian premises, knowledgeable in its economics, rational in the way it relates Biblical principles to economic issues.
   Besides, it is handsomely designed and illustrated, a delight to the eye. I would like to see it used in every Christian high school and college in America!
Charles H. Wolfe (formerly Pres., The American Economic Foundation), VA

   Thank you for so swift a response to my order - the class is going well - we spend 2 weeks on a chapter.  Of the several texts I could have chosen, Tom's is by far the BEST, a REAL Christian text book.  Very insightful.
Chris Hoops, Colville, WA (Teacher)

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