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Freedom Is My Cry!
May 27, 2003
Author: Tom Rose

Historically, Americans have been noted for their love of freedom, but their love of freedom was more evident in our distant past than in the present. Today, rather, the large majority of Americans appear to seek license, which is an illusion of freedom devoid of self-responsibility, coupled with the elusive hope for government-bestowed security.

Excerpted from the Preface of Free Enterprise Economics in America, by Tom Rose
March 27, 2003
Author: Tom Rose

The historic free enterprise system in America is much more than just a system of applied economic science. It has a moral foundation that is solidly based on the Christian theology of the Bible. It is important that teachers and students appreciate this biblical foundation if they are to truly understand the essence of American freedom that created the beneficial political and economic climate that gave birth to what we call the system of free enterprise economics.

Excerpted from the Preface of God, Gold, and Civil Government, by Tom Rose
March 27, 2003
Author: Tom Rose

Liberty is like a three-legged stool. It has three aspects, or legs: the Spiritual, the Economic, and the Political. Each leg must be carefully preserved. If one leg is shortened or cut off, the stability provided by the other two will be hampered or lost, and the ideal of Liberty will come tumbling down. This, then, presents the universal problem of - not only Americans, whose civil rulers have become tyrannical - but also the problem that faces freedom-minded people all over the world.

Feb 28, 2002
Author: Tom Rose

Planned monetary inflation has long been used by civil rulers to rob citizens of their wealth and to gradually enslave them.
This excerpt from Tom Rose, Economics: The American Economy, 193-197, explains the process.

Feb 28, 2002
Author: Ron Paul

Honest politicians have always been scarce as "hen's teeth," especially in Washington, D.C. And, when one finally comes along, hidden powers behind the falseface of political chicanery join together to eradicate that lone voice crying out for freedom.
Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has been a stalwart and consistent defender of constitutional freedom for many years.

Read! Enjoy! Support him!

Feb 28, 2002
Author: Tom Rose

The great potential of the American people and the American economy are hamstrung by a government-mandated fiat monetary system which has gradually changed our freedom-producing Republic into an oppressive unitary totalitarian State controlled by special-interest groups. In order to restore lost freedoms and to return to a system of honest money, the American people must come to understand how civil rulers debauch the currency.

What follows is an excerpt from Tom Rose, Economics: The American Economy, 182-184. Two rules to achieve a sound monetary system are explained in the book (p. 184).

Independence Day Sermon
Aug 11, 2001
Author: Tom Rose

Are Americans really as free as they think they are? What is true Independence? What is it based on?

Power Is Where The Gold Is
Apr 24, 2001
Author: Tom Rose

A recap of the history of money and banking in our country to see if we can discern a lesson concerning the people’s freedom. The lesson is simple and straight forward: When citizens own gold they are in a position to maintain control of their civil rulers. But, when the ownership of gold is centralized in the government, politicians and their appointed bureaucrats easily gain control over the lives of citizens. Beware!

REBUILDING THE FOUNDATIONS, Pt. 2: A new political party
Mar 17, 2001
Author: Tom Rose

What can be done to restore the healthful vitality of politics in a nation where the two major political parties have become so much alike in their corruption that it doesn't make much difference which party wins an election? The last three or four presidential elections have shown the sad futility of running third-party candidates. Third-party candidates for lower national offices and states offices have not fared much better. Is there an answer? Is there a solution? Read and learn that there is!

Mar 8, 2001
Author:Tom Rose

Historic American freedoms have long been in decline. In recent decades the decline has drastically increased. What hidden forces are causing this? Can the decline be reversed?

The Presidential Election of 2000 should serve as a wake-up call to patriotic Americans, especially Christians. Here are some steps to take to rebuild America's crumbling foundations.

Mar 2, 2001
Author: Tom Rose

What happened to our silver coins?! A review of monetary history shows that civil rulers tend to follow a general pattern in weaning citizens from a commodity-based money in order to impose a system of government fiat money on them. There has never been a civil government in the entire history of mankind that did not debauch the currency used by its citizens.

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